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Send Payment


Through Square.

Send an email


Email me your question, situation, or if you want a generic reading.

Email Reading


One email reading - $10

I'll send you your reading


I'll email back with a picture of the cards and your reading.

Areas covered may include:

Love and


Career: New Opportunities and Promotion

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires

Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

All readings are done by email, currently. Please contact us for any personal queries


House and Business Cleansings

Image by Ricky Turner
Local to Colorado Springs and Surrounding Areas*

Ember will travel to your home or business and cleanse the space.  She will work directly with you to use the proper tools for the job, realizing that not everyone likes the smell of sage or other smoke.

*Some travel costs may be required

Phone or email consultation

To determine cost, Ember will need to consult with you.  Things she will go over are:

1. Location

2. Size

3. Cleansing tools

4. Date and time


Church of Witchcraft

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Ember is a Cardinal in the Church of Witchcraft. She regularly provides rituals for members of the Church in Colorado Springs. To see when the next event is, check out the Church's calendar on their website.

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