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  • Ember James

2022 ATS®/ FCBD® Worldwide Flashmob

Every year, belly dancers vote on one song to dance to around the world. This year, everyone chose Solovey by Go_A.

I'm so proud of my students for putting this together with me. Many of them had not been practicing with this song, simply because of life stuff happening. I especially want to thank Becky for leading the beginning of the song. She wasn't too thrilled about it, but she did very well.

Part of being a teacher is helping students push past their insecurities and allowing them to shine. I wouldn't have put her in that position if I didn't think she could do it. She has been dancing for a number of years, even before I started teaching this year.

FCBD® Style is an improv style, meaning there is no choreography. The dancers learn the moves and dance together so they can better anticipate what the leader is going to do, but they follow the cues as they come. This means anything can happen, and sometimes it does. But most of the time everything works out just fine, like in the video below.

I hope you enjoy everyone's hard work.

If you would like to earn this style of belly dance, I teach in Colorado Springs on Saturdays, currently.

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