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Full Moon in Pisces 2022 Meditation

The Harvest Full Moon is conjunct (in the same sign) Neptune, the modern planetary ruler of Pisces. This adds a strong transcendental, mystical, and otherworldly feeling to this lunation. Neptune and Pisces are connected to the last evolutionary stage of the Zodiac, which is about the dissolution of boundaries and of the separate sense of self that was formed during the previous eleven signs. Neptune is currently in retrograde motion, which increases the introspective, reflective, and contemplative qualities of this Full Moon.

Finding a comfortable seat and closing your eyes, take three deep breaths. Start to let your logical mind go. There is no need to clear your mind. Allow your mind to take you where you need to go.

Now, imagine you are sitting on a bench in a beautiful park. The sun is shining down, and flowers, bees, and birds surround you.

Notice the sensations.

Do the flowers have a smell?

Can you feel the warmth from the sun?

Are the birds chirping and the bees buzzing?

As you look around at the wonder of nature, you notice an area in the trees that seems to be a path. Your curiosity takes hold, and you head over to that opening. You peek around and notice it is indeed a path.

You have nothing to do today, so you decide to start along the path and see where it leads.

You move along the path, and after some time, you see a clearing. You take a look around when a woman materializes in front of you. She’s one of the most beautiful ladies you’ve ever seen. Energy just radiates off of her.

She tells you that the path you are on is a journey of your own making. It’s a path to a goal that you are working on. There will be obstacles along the way, but she knows you can handle them. You just have to realize what they are. At any point you can turn back. Maybe now isn’t the time to work on this goal.

Sometimes doing the mind’s work before the physical makes the journey much easier. You proceed along the path.

The lush trees and bushes start to fill your view entirely.

As you continue along the path, you notice that it becomes more overgrown, and the trees and bushes begin to close in. Then right there in front of you is a spider in her web. A beautiful orb weaver sits in the middle. Remember, this is mind work. What does this represent? A sticky situation you are in? Or the hard work you need to do to accomplish your goal?

You can push through it and destroy all her work. As you look closer, you can see that there is plenty of room to skirt under the web and not disturb her, but you risk her possibly dropping down on you. Which option do you take?

Once past that obstacle, you follow the path for a while longer. Eventually, you come to an area that’s muddy. It’s the whole width of the path, so you can’t go around it. What does this represent in your journey? Perhaps something that is slowing you down? Or maybe it represents that sometimes you need to get dirty to accomplish what you want.

You can go through the mud, but it will take you some time. Your sneakers will likely fill with mud, and your feet will get cold. As you look around, you see a fallen branch. It’s fairly large, and it will be hard work to get it across the mud, but your feet won’t be cold. You also have the option to turn around. Which option do you take?

Once you are past that obstacle, if that’s what you chose, you continue along your merry way. These obstacles have been more like nuisances than anything, but they represent important things in your life. You muse about that as you look down the path.

After walking for some time, you come to another obstacle. It’s a big bear snuffling around for food. It’s slightly off the path, in the bushes. Otherwise, you might have turned around. As you stand there staring at it and it staring at you, you question what this represents. Could it be the strength to know when to be active and when to hibernate? Could it be the strength the bear has?

You can slowly walk backwards and hope you don’t trip over anything until you can turn around and hurry back the way you came. Or you can make yourself really big, make a lot of noise, and hope the bear decides you are not worth its time. Which do you choose?

If you continue on, the bear has run off, and you make your way down the path. After a while, you come to another clearing where the lady is waiting. She tells you that she knows it was hard work, but knew you would get through it. Maybe you’ve learned what you need to work on for your goal. Maybe you’ve learned something about yourself. Any of these would be a good thing, even if it was turning around so you could try again another day.

She gives you a quick kiss on your forehead, and you fall asleep. When you wake up, you are in your bed. Was it all a dream? Perhaps. Even dreams have something to tell us.

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