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Full Moon in Libra 2023 Ritual

The full moon in Libra is a great time for spells for relationships. With Pluto just moving into Aquarius, we should expect some forward-thinking transformation to occur in the next few years.

To help us prepare for that, it might be a good time to work on forgiveness. This doesn’t mean we forget what happened in the past. The lessons are still there. That doesn’t mean that we let people back into our lives who caused a lot of damage. It means that we are no longer holding onto the situation so tightly that it’s continuing to hurt us like holding thorny vines in our hands. The harder we hold on, the more pain it causes.

This can be letting go of something that someone did to you, or it could be more about letting go of what you did, whether to yourself or someone else. We all have things we can forgive. It can even be the smallest thing because we all have to start somewhere.

So here is the spell for forgiveness that I created.


Paper and pen

Pink candle with holder (safety first)

Lighter or two (always good to be prepared)

A fire safe dish of some kind (this can even be the kitchen sink if you don’t have a plastic one)


Take the paper and write down the situation that you feel is at the heart of the pain you want to work through. It can be in as much detail as you want. Don’t hold back if you are worried about someone reading it. This will be burned when you are done.

When you are done with that part, flip it over and write down what might be a reason for the situation.

For example, if someone cuts you off in traffic, it’s easy to take it personally or think they are jerks. Perhaps they thought the lane was clear and completely missed you. Maybe they are crying on their way back from work after a rough day and just want to get home, making not-so-great decisions on the road. You get the idea.

This can be a laundry list, if you want, of short sentences.

Once all of this is done, light your pink candle. Take the paper and fold it in half with the first part you wrote on the inside, and fold it away from you. Then hold it to the flame, allowing it to catch fire. Place it in/on your fire-safe dish and watch it burn.

As you watch, say this:

After loss, there is gain.

After pain, there is healing.

As I let this situation go,

My compassion is more revealing.

I forgive what was hurt,

To grow as a person.

This forgiveness I give,

As I make this self-assertion.

Now imagine that pain leaving your body and the release of it washing over your body. Do you feel any lighter now?

I'd love to know what you think about this ritual if you try it. Feel free to comment or send me a direct message.

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