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Review: Guardian of the Night Tarot

Late last year I purchased the Guardian of the Night Tarot by MJ Cullinane. It took a bit to get to me, but that's partly because it was a pre-order item.

The deck comes in its own box with a full sized book to accompany it. Both give a sneak peek at the artwork you will find in the cards.

The book is a good size, with large enough print that you don't have to squint to read it. There is even a little artwork in the book.

The artwork is amazing. She uses much of the animal world throughout. The colors pop out; there are no muted tones here.

She uses the typical names for all the cards. Pentacles, cups, wands, swords. Also, King, Queen, Knight, and Page. So for those looking for an alternative to the usual tarot deck, this might be one to try.

I had a couple of pretty important issues, though. The cards are much too large for my hands, making shuffling difficult. Additionally, they are terribly slippery. This meant it was more like 78 card pickup instead of actual shuffling. The cards went everywhere.

I managed to use them for a week or two, but I finally gave up. It was too much work and took all the fun out of playing with the cards, as I like to put it.

It makes me sad because the artwork truly is gorgeous. It's simply not a deck for everyday use for me.

Do you have any decks like that? Or have you bought this one, and what did you think?

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Kristina Shamgunova
Kristina Shamgunova
Jan 04

I had the same problem you had, but then I trimmed off the edges of the cards, leaving only the names at the bottom and the picture. It looks beautiful and the cards are smaller and easier to handle now

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