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  • Ember James

Root chakra

Chakras are energy centers found in the body, and correspond to different emotions, beliefs, and even parts of the body.  This knowledge is found in eastern philosophy.

The root chakra is found at the base of the spine, connecting our energy with the earth.  The bones of our body, including the teeth, are associated with the root chakra.  Elimination is a function of the root chakra.  It helps us to remain grounded and helps us maintain our strength and vitality and release what weakens us.

A blocked root chakra can result in low blood pressure, poor circulation, bladder issues, and digestive issues.  It can even result in an eating disorder.

When it is balanced, we have a sense of our place in the world and feel secure.  We can easily embrace change because we know we will land on our feet, no matter what happens.  This chakra relates to our early childhood development.  If we don't get to experience trust in our human lives, it is unlikely we will find our trust in the Divine.

If we are blocked in our root chakras, we will tend to be needy and self-destructive or stubborn and domineering.  We will often feel exhausted.  We may find ourselves with chronic issues like poor relationships with other or money issues.  The instability may make us feel like we don't belong anywhere.

Mantras that can be used to help support the root chakra include:

I am safe in the world and with others

I am comfortable with change

My body is strong and healthy

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