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  • Ember James

Tea Ritual

I first learned about this little tea ritual through Molly at The Cunning Circle*. Then I found these wonderful teas over at Magic Hour* and the owner, Zhena, did a lovely tea cleanse. Each morning we would all get together through Zoom and have a little tea ritual.

It's pretty simple and facilitates being in the present moment. Sometimes people call this mindfulness or meditation, this being in the present moment. We often spend a lot of time in the past or future, so working on being present is essential for our mental health.

After you make your tea, take a few minutes to:

  1. Notice what you smell. That tea is giving off delicious scents. Are there hints of cinnamon or mint? Maybe since citrus? You might also notice other aromas around you, like the lilacs outside the window in the spring.

  2. Notice what you feel. The cup is likely warm, but are you feeling anything else? This feeling doesn't have to be purely physical. How are your emotions right now?

  3. Notice what you see. This could be your surroundings or if you are using loose tea, maybe some divination with the tea leaves.

  4. Notice what you hear. Are there sounds in the room you are in, or are the tea leaves speaking to you? Clairaudience is another form of divination.

  5. Finally, notice what you taste. You've spent all this time smelling the tea and being present; now you can savor the first sip of tea. What flavors are you picking up?

If you want, you can journal a little while you do this, tracking the things that come up. You might start to notice trends, be they magickal or psychological.

I hope you like this little ritual. It's a great way to take a 5-minute pause in your day and work on being present.

*This is not a paid endorsement. I happen to like both companies and want to share the love.

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